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“…Tassignon’s uncanny vocal stratosphere betrays the nature of the electronic device used to elaborate it – the oft-maligned loop station, which can yield rather crude results in less capable hands…” (Kyle McCallum, Extra Normal Records, 4/8/2015)

“… a sublime journey to the outer reaches of Charlotte and Mr. Stone’s artistic multiverse, revealing responsive interplay, technical aptitude and compositional patience in equal measure…” (Kyle McCallum, Extra Normal Records, 4/8/2015)

“…Sophie Tassignon (…) has a tremendous voice, which allows unexpected incursions into the higher register and melodies that think out of the box…”
[L’avis du Soir, J.-C. V., 20/02/2013]Sophie_Haus_der_Sinne3_Gd

“…Tassignon’s singing is quite versatile; … she exhibits horn-like melodic and rhythmic dexterity, while at other times her voice wanders through a labyrinthine maze of amorphous syllabic abstractions…”
[Wilbur MacKenzie, All About Jazz New York, March, 2009 Issue]

“…Choosing different syllables than normally expected and reminiscent of Norma Winstone, Tassignon’s voice becomes a fourth instrument, with the previous tension disappearing entirely…”
[Bud Kopman, All About Jazz, Aug 2nd, 2008]

“…[Tassignon] is technically unyielding and, what’s best, tending to set the vocal parts at the service of the compositions instead of doing what the large part of jazz singers do, namely looking for sunny spots where worn out bebop trickery rapidly drowns the listener in thick tediousness…”
[Massimo Ricci “Temporary Fault”, Feb. 2nd, 2009]

“…[Tassignon’s] singing, her scats [and] her improvisations are more similar to psalms or hymns than those of a “classic” jazz woman…”
[Jazz critic Jacques Prouvost]

“…Sophie Tassignon has an individual voice, both clear and strong, … as if she has mastered her emotions to dedicate her concentration to the formation of her art…” [www.dragonjazz.com]

“…Vocalist Sophie Tassignon and Saxophonist Peter Van Huffel in a series of improvisations showing an intimate dialog amidst Tassignon’s uniquely inventive vocal styling…”