Award-winning musician Sophie Tassignon, based in Berlin, is a versatile vocalist, pianist, and composer actively contributing to the European Jazz, Avant-Garde, and Electroacoustic communities. With a global presence, Sophie has toured extensively and boasts an impressive discography of 10 releases as a leader across various esteemed record labels such as Clean Feed Records, A-jazz, Alone Blue Records, visionofsound, RareNoise Records, and Jazzwerkstatt.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Sophie has made notable contributions to modern theater and electronic performance, collaborating on productions with renowned Polish director Elzbieta Bednarska.

Sophie’s solo album Mysteries Unfold, released on RareNoise Records, showcases her signature layered compositional style intertwined with her masterful vocal technique. Described as “the most tantalizing that we have encountered in recent times” by Musica Jazz (Dec. 2020), the album stands as a testament to Sophie’s artistry and innovation.

Currently, Sophie is engaged in several exciting projects. She leads the chamber jazz quartet AZOLIA alongside songwriter and saxophonist Susanne Folk. Her modern jazz quintet, KHYAL, uniquely blends poetic Arabic lyrics with jazz traditions from Europe and North America, offering a distinctive musical experience. Additionally, Sophie collaborates with Kevin Patton (USA) in Louise et Vilmorin, a duet that navigates the realms of electroacoustic composition and popular music, often presenting a series of modern jazz compositions.

Furthermore, Sophie’s musical achievements extend to the international stage, where she has been honored with two gold medals from the Global Music Awards. One for her exceptional composition skills and another recognizing her outstanding contributions as a female vocalist, both showcased in her acclaimed album KHYAL.