Everybody Knows – AZOLIA

Announcing our new release : AZOLIA is on Ajazz with our new album “Everybody Knows”!

  1. She Will (Susanne Folk)
  2. January (Susanne Folk)
  3. Everybody Knows (Sophie Tassignon)
  4. Don’t Be So Shy With Me (Sophie Tassignon)
  5. False Prophecy (Susanne Folk/Sophie Tassignon)
  6. He’s Waiting For Me (Sophie Tassignon)
  7. Your Love (Susanne Folk)
  8. Attitude Song (Susanne Folk)
  9. Card Game (Sophie Tassignon)
  10. Good Things (Susanne Folk/Sophie Tassignon)

Sophie Tassignon : voice, compositions
Susanne Folk : alto saxophone, clarinet, voice, compositions
Lothar Ohlmaier : bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Andreas Waelti : double bass

Recorded on July 14th & 15th 2015 with Christian Heck,
Greve Studios, Berlin
Mixed by Christian Heck, Tonart Studio, Kempern