EPK – Louise et Vilmorin (EN)

Sophie Tassignon: voice
Kevin Patton: guitar

Modern Jazz

photo: Jackie Sinclair

photo: Jackie Sinclair


Sophie Tassignon
Zur Innung 40
10247 Berlin
Tel: +49 163 877 48 96
E-mail: sophietassignon@gmail.com


Louise Et Vilmorin, Sophie Tassignon (voice) and Kevin Patton (guitar), are not only musicians; they are storytellers, adventurers, collectors of the rich tapestry of human expression. These 21st-century troubadours have curated a musical experience that spans continents, blending an eclectic mix of modern jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, Russian folk, Irish traditional, flamenco, Carnatic, and gypsy styles. With lyrics in Arabic, French, Russian, and English, they invite us on a journey—a journey across continents, through stories told and untold, offering listeners a rich, musical program that celebrates our human entanglement.

“The duet has retained the name LOUISE ET VILMORIN to offer us an intimate and captivating repertoire.” ILLICO! 68, June 2023, Claude Colpaert


Sophie Tassignon is a Berlin-based  vocalist, pianist and composer who is active in the European Jazz, Avant-Guard, and Electroacoustic communities. She has toured worldwide and claims 10 releases as a leader on different relevant record labels, including Clean Feed Records, A-jazz, Alone Blue Records, visionofsound, RareNoise Records and Jazzwerkstatt. 
Sophie is also active in modern theatre and multimedia performance, notably creating music for the productions of renowned Polish director Elzbieta Bednarska.
Sophie’s most recent release on RareNoise Records, Mysteries Unfold, combines a layered compositional style with vocal technique, and has been described as, “the most tantalizing that we have encountered in recent times.” (Musica Jazz, Dec. 2020). Her last release Khyal” blends Arabic lyrics with modern jazz music. Furthermore, Sophie’s musical achievements extend to the international stage, where she has been honored with two gold medals from the Global Music Awards. One for her exceptional composition skills and another recognizing her outstanding contributions as a female vocalist, both showcased in her acclaimed album KHYAL.

Kevin Patton is an American Guitarist, Composer, and technologist. Kevin often performs his own work in both instrumental improvisation and interactive chamber music and has performed in Europe, Japan, and throughout North America. 
Kevin’s sound and music projects have been featured at numerous festivals around the world, most recently at Visiones Sonoras in Morelia, Mexico and the New York City Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit.