Kevin Patton: electric guitar and electronics
Sophie Tassignon: piano, voice and electronics

Single: Les Carnets de Louise

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Les Carnets de Louise composed by Kevin Patton and Sophie Tassignon explores an imagined innerspace where fragments of two poems of Louise de Vilmorin —Aveu Monosyllabique and Novembre— mirror a dialogue between a deconstructed piano and guitar. Non repeating rhythmic variations for rectifying rotational implications circle an ever evolving echo of the estuary-like co-mingling. Carnets thinks through these sonic relationships to propose a notion of what lies beneath the surface of the seemingly hackneyed love story.
released July 1, 2022
Orpiment RecordsMusic: Kevin Patton & Sophie Tassignon
Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Patton & Sophie Tassignon
Produced by Kevin Patton & Sophie Tassignon
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all rights reserved